Screen Queen

Even more than my assertions about diet and food, the thing that really draws a raised eyebrow, a head tilt and a laughing “oh really?” is when I talk about the fact that baby Broccoli won’t be on too-familiar terms with Peppa Pig or Mr Tumble, because they’ll rarely be sat in front of the telly.   


To be fair, this is the one thing that makes me wonder if I really am being naïve when I think that they won’t be watching too much telly, or constantly seeking out an ipad or iphone for constant entertainment.   I know that times have changed and all that, but when I was a kid, we hardly ever watched telly. We had the radio on constantly (or whichever album my mam was obsessing over at any point), and we read, or played games.  Or just listened to/sang along (badly) to whatever music was on at the time.


I know that kids need to learn to use the technology that is all around us, and I love the “coding for kids” stuff that’s around, but I don’t want to use a screen as the default way to keep Broccoli occupied and/or distracted.  And I also think that this tend towards making sure kids always have something to distract them at all times is not a good thing. A bit of boredom is good for you – it gives your mind time to slow down, and to process how you’re feeling/thinking.


me me me

One of the things I’m struggling with the most during the adoption process is the focus on me.  All the talking about myself.  60-90 minute meetings with my social worker, with themes like:

  • early life and childhood
  • work and relationships
  • how I was parented, how I might parent
  • how will my life change if I adopt

Its like therapy without any actual therapeutic benefit.    And its hard – I want to be honest, but really,  how honest do I need to be?  When my social worker queried my ecomap, and asked about male role models, I had to fight back the urge to bemoan the fact that there are fucking male role models everywhere, and the very *least* of my concerns are “is my child going to have enough men in their life”.  but you know, angry queer feminist probably isn’t a good look for a potential adopter!