out of control

I’m at the stage in the adoption process where there’s basically nothing at all I can do right now.  I’ve had all of the in-depth meetings with my social worker to talk about me, me, me.  I’ve done stage one and stage two prep groups.  I’ve done two days of early permanence training.  Now, my SW is writing my Prospective Adopter Report.    So there’s nothing I can do other than wait until its done, and we can go through it together. 

I’m distracting myself from the lack of control through the medium of home cooking.  I just bought The Green Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer, and it is amazing.  Every recipe looks great, and so far all six dishes I’ve done have been lovely.  Plus everything is all in the one tin, so there’s less washing up to be done afterwards, which is never a bad thing.

It’s actually getting me back into the swing of making dinner, rather than just buying something quick and easy, or constantly just eating risotto because it’s easy.  I sometimes find it quite hard to get motivated enough to cook when it’s just me on my own, but this is definitely helping.  And there’s always enough for lunch the next day, which has reduced my spending in the canteen at work, which is not the cheapest.