Bugg(y)ing out

My parents came to stay this weekend, so that my stepdad could decorate my spare room.  Which I’m trying to get used to calling “the baby’s room”, with varying degrees of success.  While he got busy with dust sheets and tins of paint, I took my mam to Mothercare, so I could get some kind of idea about what I might buy if/when Baby Broccoli arrives.  What I had no idea about was just how difficult it is to stop a potential grandparent buying up an entire nursery’s worth of stuff because they’re so excited.

I’m wary about buying anything at all, just in case I don’t get through panel, or I buy the wrong size, or I’m never matched.  On the other hand, if I do get matched, I won’t have that long to go out and buy everything I’ll need, so I really want to have some kind of an idea about what I’m looking for, and how much it’ll cost me.

What I learned:

Buying a pushchair (or pram) is as complicated as buying a car – colour choices, sun roofs, cup holders, fixed wheels or swivel wheels, parasols, storage baskets, umbrella fold, reclining seats, and on and on and on.  And the price ranges are immense – a basic model was £40, but they had some that were over £1000!   

Nobody gives a second glance when you pretend a cuddly toy is a baby so that you can see how easy it is to fold/unfold pushchairs while holding said furbaby. 

Pretty much everything (buggies, car seats, prams) is massively gendered.  If it’s blue it will be labelled as a boy’s thing, and if it’s pink it’ll be labelled as a girl’s.  And everything is one or the other.  There were no exceptions to this, apart from one range which deserves its own write up (check back tomorrow!)

I’m going to be hench within weeks of the baby arriving.  Buggies are not light.  Babies are not light.  I’m going to be carrying one or both of these things for many hours of most days. Bring it on.

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