Las Ketchup

I find it irrationally annoying that there is this whole thing about parents “disguising” vegetables with copious amounts of tomato ketchup.  Why?  what’s that all about?  this one I’m really confident that I’ll still be sticking to once I’m a mama.  for one thing, I don’t like ketchup, so it’s not something I’ll have in the house. 


easy, right?

me me me

One of the things I’m struggling with the most during the adoption process is he focus on me.  All the talking about myself.  60-90 minute meetings with my social worker, with themes like:

  • early life and childhood
  • work and relationships
  • how I was parented, how I might parent
  • how will my life change if I adopt

Its like therapy without any actual therapeutic benefit.    And its hard – I want to be honest, but really,  how honest do I need to be?  When my social worker queried my ecomap, and asked about male role models, I had to fight back the urge to bemoan the fact that there are fucking male role models everywhere, and the very *least* of my concerns are “is my child going to have enough men in their life”.  but you know, angry queer feminist probably isn’t a good look for a potential adopter!

Have baby, will travel

“Oh, you’ll have to stop gallivanting” has been a pretty common response when I’ve told people that I’m going through the adoption process. ¬†Because nobody with a baby ever goes further than a mile radius outside of their home, obviously.

But come on, babies travel free pretty much everywhere, including planes, where you also get the added bonus of being seated in the bulkhead, complete with travel cot – why wouldn’t you make the most of that?!

A raised eyebrow and a knowing look from my sister led into warnings about the sheer amount of stuff that I’d have to take with me everywhere – nappies, bottles, sterilising kit, half a dozen outfits (at least) per day, toiletries, toys,and on, and on, and on. ¬†Unless I’m going to the middle of nowhere, it’s not like I won’t be able to buy all of that stuff when I get there though – all I’ll need to take is just what I’ll need for the journey itself.

I’m pretty confident that all I’ll need to carry is the baby, and the one big rucksack or suitcase.